How to Get Out of a Non Compete Agreement in Maryland

How to Get Out of a Non Compete Agreement in Maryland

Non-compete agreements are contracts that restrict an employee from working for a competitor or starting their own business in the same industry. These agreements are becoming more common and can be challenging to navigate. If you are in Maryland and want to get out of a non-compete agreement, there are a few things you should know.

Understand the Law

Maryland is unique compared to other states when it comes to non-compete agreements. Maryland law prohibits employers from enforcing non-compete agreements against workers who earn less than $15 per hour or $31,200 annually. The law also restricts agreements that last for more than two years and those that are too broad in geographic scope or restrict too many industries.

Review the Agreement

The first step to getting out of a non-compete agreement is to review the document. Look for any errors or inconsistencies that may make the agreement unenforceable. Also, ensure that the agreement is not excessively broad and that it does not prohibit you from working in a different industry.

Negotiate with Your Employer

If you want to get out of a non-compete agreement, the best approach is to negotiate with your employer. Explain your reasons for wanting to leave the company and request that the non-compete agreement be waived or modified. Offer to sign a new agreement that is less restrictive if necessary.

Seek Legal Advice

If your employer refuses to negotiate or you believe that the non-compete agreement is illegal or unenforceable, you may need to seek legal advice. An attorney with experience in employment law can review the agreement and advise you on your options. They can also represent you in negotiations with your employer or in court if necessary.

Consider Mediation

If you and your employer are unable to reach an agreement, consider mediation. Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates negotiations between the two parties. The mediator helps both sides communicate and find common ground. Mediation can be less expensive and less time-consuming than going to court.

In conclusion, getting out of a non-compete agreement in Maryland can be difficult, but not impossible. Understanding the law, reviewing the agreement, negotiating with your employer, seeking legal advice, and considering mediation are all viable options. Remember to approach the situation calmly and professionally, as burning bridges can harm your career in the long run.

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